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Causes and improving methods of seal leakage

The causes and the improving methods of floating seal leakage

Our company has a lot of floating seal production experience, and absorbs a variety of advanced technology and specialized in research and design of floating seal, has received the consistent high praise from the society.
1. In the installation process of floating seal, for the o-ring is not installed properly and produced slight deviation, it will cause the different pressure on the sealing surface, the leakage occurs.
2. As a result of small sealing cavity diameter, causing sealing ring compression force is too small to make enough pressure on seal surface, so it will make clearance with the two seal surface, it leads to leakage.
3. Because of the floating seal works at the condition of oil, and the temperature is very high, more than 100 degrees, so it is easy to make rubber aging without elasticity, O rings damages and the oil leaks.
If we encounter such circumstance of the floating seal, how to improve?
Firstly, we must improve the installation quality in the process, and make the o-ring installed properly. We increased O-ring compression to maintain the normal pressure of seal surface, improve the ability of high temperature, oil resistant of floating seal.

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