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Floating seal used in engineering machinery rotating part of the gear reduction, it seals the oils of the components dynamically. Due to its good performance, it is also used in dredger. Such seals belong to mechanical seal, floating seal made of iron alloy materials and the matching of NBR O ring. Floating ring used in pairs, one rotates, the other is relatively static. Floating seal has the principle is: two floating ring by axial compression from O ring deformation, produce the clamping force for floating seal face. With fairly wear of the seals gradually, stored elastic energy release step by step from O ring, and make compensation for axial effect. The sealing surface can keep good fit and the seal lifetime is generally more than 4000 h.
Floating seal is a special type of mechanical sealing, this compact mechanical sealing developed in order to adapt to bad working environment, it has strong ability of pollution resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, reliable work, face wear self-compensation, simple structure. And it is widely used in engineering machinery products, in a variety of conveyor, sand processing equipment and concrete equipment. It is also used in coal &mining machinery in scraper conveyor sprocket, gear reducer and the transmission system of the coal cutter machine and rocker arm, rotary-drill, etc. This kind of sealing product is wildly used in engineering machinery equipment, but in other industries because of lacking basic theory of data and the experience, and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

Properties: a kind of non-contact sealing. Structure and sealing principle are: floating ring has some space with the rotary-axis, it can float, but it can't rotate with the axis, it floats in the direction of radial sliding, and maintain eccentric with the axis center under the effect of gravity. When the axis rotates, external sealing fluid (oil) input floating oil seal, oil film formed in the axis clearance with the floating seals. Due to the effect of oil power produced by axis rotating, makes the oil film has certain pressure, keep floating seal automatically setting with the axis center, so that the clearance greatly decreases, and effectively stop fluid leakage. It has the advantage of stable, reliable, long life. With wide sealing work parameters (pressure to 30 million mpa, working temperature is -100 ~ 200 ). Especially suitable for sealing of gas in the centrifugal compressor, which can guarantee the atmospheric environment not leak, suitable for inflammable, explosive, toxic, precious gas sealing. Defect is: high floating seal processing requirement, special sealing oil system; inevitable internal leak, but is still in the nature of inner loop of leakage, has qualitative difference with the mechanical sealing leakage. Widely used in the dynamic sealing of centrifugal compressor.

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