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Floating seal is highly precious piece, it¡¯s wise to extend the life of the original as long as possible, if changing this part while using, it is easy to cause improper matching and other problems. And what is the required feature of floating ring surface?
Firstly, floating seal surface¡¯s hardness is higher than other seals. At the time of production, higher hardness can improve the performance of wear resistance, in order to make the surface to achieve higher hardness, it needs whole-quenching hardening treatment, but quench hardening can result in its deformation. In addition, there are nitrogen treatment, laser quenching treatment, compared these methods, the later two methods are better than the whole-quenching in reducing the deformation of metal ring.
If the surface roughness of the floating seal is big, it will increase the wear degree, the wear-resisting capability will be weakened. Under the condition of lubrication, it can have enough space to store creams, and reduce resistance; at the same time prolong its working life.
Our company has strong production capacity; it can fully meet the demand of domestic market. We welcome customers in and abroad to visit us, we will try to meet your demands with our advanced technology, excellent quality, favorable price, satisfactory products and services. Warmly welcome friends discuss cooperation!

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